Friday, 5 September 2014

Bruschetta Salad

This recipe is a tiny bit more complicated than my last, but equally, if not more flavoursome.

-Cos lettuce
-Cherry tomatoes
-Red onion
-Meat of chioce
-Bread of choice
-Parmisan cheese
-Lemon juice
-Olive oil
-Dried Herbs

First step is to make your salad base; torn cos lettuce, with chopped cucumber, red onion and cherry tomato.  next you will want to make the croutons, which is essentially grilled toast covered in oil, fresh crushed garlic, and dried herbs. Now fresh herbs will of course taste nicer, but we are on a budget here, so feel free to swap anything out. While that is toasting, with a constant eye on it, you want to cook your meat. This dish really does go with anything, and if I was made of money if would be prosciutto every time, however the cheaper alternative is chorizo. Finally you add all of your ingredients together, with a topping of lemon juice, parmasen shavings and cracked pepper.

Enjoy eating x

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