Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Balls (the dancing kind), Asos and body shapes.

You see that beautiful maxi dress, that dress is unfortunately one I have returned 3, THREE, times to Asos. I wanted to wear it to my uni ball today, but alas it does not suit me. The story begins with me falling in love with it and waiting for a sale to pick it up in my size. The sale didn't come so I decided to just use my 10% off student code and buy it in my usual size 6. The dress arrived with a tear in it so I sent it back. I had tried it on, but only brefly, and reliased it would need hemming.

The second purchase was when a massive 25% off coupon appeared. I decided to buy it and another back up dress, but the cosmetics in the above photo. The make up I love (full reviews coming soon) but the dresses failed. Firstly my back up dress was just not my style at all. Even though it only cost me $70AUD I knew I would not wear it more than once. The maxi dress arrived and was massive. I am confident they had mislabeled the size, and it was fitting like an 8.

Then we have purchase 3 which was back to just 10% off. I ordered the size 4, which arrived within a week, but when I put it on somethign just wasnt right. Yes it fitted my waist snuggly but my hips jutted out a lot more than the model. I tried it on in fornt of Andrew, the girls at work and my mother and was sitting on the fence about it. It was ncie, but I wasnt usre if it was $230 worth of nice.

The thing that tipped me oever the edge was the hemmeing. Even with my tallest hels it just scraped the ground so I had no choice to get it taken up (due to lack of motivation to do it myself). The alteration man told it would be...wait for it.... $150 to get it taken up. NO WAY. I refused to pay that much.

I don't know if this post has much point, more just to mourn the loss of a beuatful dress. As much as I loved it you need to know when something just isnt meant to be, either though your body shape, your funds, or whatever else may affect your purchase.

I saved myself a lot of money, but I still really wish it has fitted. Luckily I am loving the foundation and eyeliner I scored - one positive for every 4 negatives right?

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