Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Parties: pros and cons.

Why do some social situations just suck? Is it because of who is there? Friend of foe? Or because of how many beverages you are socially allowed to have.

Probably the latter.

My mum's 50th birthday has just passed, an although I loved taking her out to celebrate, the party at home just sucked. I get along with most people, so that wasn't the problem, and I had home team advantage.

However, there were just too many people. We were stuffed in like sardines, which made for unease in all. I literally did not have enough room to take a group shot, and with out the camera as my shield, I was lost. 

To be fair, from infant to teen I cried before every single party and social gathering I ever went to, so maybe it is just me.

Do you guy like parties? Or are they just an excuse for free food, drink, and photo taking?


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